MAYA ANGELOU | sticky toffee pudding

Treat yo'elf to one of the most traditional Christmas dessert! No need to bake this year, just warm up the toffee sauce and custard and make it rein on your pudding. It's a date!


Each box contains 6-8 serves of pudding, toffee sauce and custard.
Gluten free option available.


5% of profits is donated to Food Cycle UK via Work for Good

MAYA ANGELOU | sticky toffee pudding


Dates, self raising flour [wheat flour, raising agents (calcium phosphate, sodium carbonates)] (GLUTEN), brown sugar, soft spread, SOY milk, bicarbonate of soda, vanilla extract.

Custard: silken tofu (SOY), oat milk (GLUTEN), sugar, cornflour, vanilla extract, turmeric.

Contains GLUTEN and SOY.