HUNGRY FEMINIST | official t-shirt

Tired of being called an angry feminist?

Tell it like it is... We're hungry feminists! Hungry for change, for freedom, for a fairer world... And for delicious vegan goodies to use as fuel!


The Female Glaze's official T-shirts are 100% organic cotton, sustainably produced without any single-use plastic and printed in a UK factory powered by renewable energy.


We picked the colours of the trans flag because we wanted a product that could be as gender-neutral and inclusive as possibe. Size is based on standard male sizing so bear that in mind when ordering. If you normally pick your clothes based on standard women sizing, go down a size or two. Colours may vary slightly.


If you are also ordering treats, you can select the free shipping option and the T-shirt will arrive together with your food delivery.

HUNGRY FEMINIST | official t-shirt


Returns or substitutions are possible but shipping cannot be refunded. Please make sure to consult the sizing chart before ordering. Get in touch at to discuss your return.