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JOSEPHINE BAKER | croissants

Are you ready to croissant paths with these... Croissants? 🥐


Our take on the most classic breakfast treat is here, in all its vegan glory! Flaky, golden and delicately sweet, you'll immediately be transported to a charming Parisian cafe. Dedicated, appropriately, to the iconic French activist Josephine Baker.


Choose between:

- Box of 4x plain croissants

- Box of 4x mixed croissants (1x plain croissant, 1x pain au chocolate made with Divine Chocolate , 1x almond croissant, 1x white chocolate and lemon curd croissant)


We recommend heating up the croissants for 6-7 minutes at 150°C to enjoy them at their best. Don't warm up the lemon curd croissant.


Shipping UK-wide. Please note that due to the limited shelf life, the price includes Next Day Guaranteed shipping to ensure they get to you as quickly and fresh as possible.

JOSEPHINE BAKER | croissants


Flour (GLUTEN), vegan butter (ALMOND), sugar, fast-action dried yeast, SOY milk, maple syrup, salt.

Pain au chocolat contains: dark chocolate (SOY).
Almond croissant contains: almond (NUTS), cornflour, vanilla extract.
Lemon curd croissant contains: lemon, cornflour, white chocolate.


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