RUTH BADER GINSBURG | tiramisu choc bites

All rise for the Supreme dessert! You can now have tiramisu on a choc bite base, because why wouldn't you? So good it should be illegal. Friendly shortened to RBGisu, we have created this in collab with women-founded Bottleshot Brew, whose team has chosen the name. Back by popular demand because, well, it's delicious, and because it's a great way to commemorate RBG. We rest our case.


Each box contains 8 servings.
Gluten free option available.

RUTH BADER GINSBURG | tiramisu choc bites


Cocoa powder, dark chocolate, flour (GLUTEN), sugar, brown sugar, cashew (NUTS), SOY milk, silken tofu (SOY), sunflower oil, coconut oil, raising agents (diphosphates, sodium carbonates, maize starch), vanilla extract, salt.

Contains GLUTEN, NUTS and SOY.