THELMA & LOUISE | peanut butter & jelly rolls

Xena & Gabrielle. Meredith & Cristina. Lizzo & Harry Styles. But nothing's better than Thelma & Louise to celebrate such an iconic duo like peanut butter & jelly.

Freshly baked rolls filled with peanut butter and coated in raspberry jam and salted peanuts. Share them with the Chewie to your Han Solo or don't say anything and have them all for yourself.


Made with peanut butter sourced from Yumello.

Each box contains 4 rolls.

THELMA & LOUISE | peanut butter & jelly rolls


Flour (GLUTEN), soft spread (rapeseed oil, sustainable palm oil, salt), PEANUT butter, raspberry jam, sugar, PEANUTS, brown sugar, cornflour, SOY milk, vanilla extract, dried yeast, salt.