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My name is Francesca, but everybody calls me Francis.

I went vegan four years ago while graduating on a full scolarship in Gastronomic Sciences at UNISG, one of the world's most renowned food-focused universities. 

I have worked in the London vegan scene for years, from restaurants to independently-owned coffee shops with a non-profit aim.

In my experience, feminism and veganism share similar concerns around bodily autonomy, non-violence and the focus on building a supportive and educational community to uproot a damaged system in favour of a better future


This is where The Female Glaze was born from.

It's not only a business that is kind to animals, but it also promotes women's empowerment.

To help put this in place, we try to source our ingredients from companies that run women empowerment programs, especially when it comes to sourcing coffee and chocolate since women farmers are constantly undervalued and underpaid for their work due to gender-related challenges.

The companies we partner with are also, when possible, run by women and with a focus on ethical productions (e.g. recycling and upcycling). Several studies show that eco-friendly behaviours are still stereotypically viewed as feminine, making cis men less likely to adopt them. By providing delicious goodies with a social purpose, we hope to help more people understand how food choices are political and important.

And remember, women belong in the kitchen, men belong in the kitchen, non-binary folks belong in the kitchen...

Everybody get to the kitchen: there's cake in there!

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